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Enhancing the Learning Experience at Overseas Family School

Good acoustical environment in teaching facilities have been recognised as a vital in supporting the learning process. Proper acoustical treatment ensures that speech clarity is achieved and this not only enables students to understand what is being taught but also improves concentration. dB Acoustics was entrusted to deliver the desired acoustical environment at the Overseas Family School new campus at Pasir Ris..

The school has impressive facilities such as a very large multi-purpose auditorium that is used for activities such as assemblies, school concerts and other special events. Immediately beside the Multipurpose Auditorium is a large Atrium which connects various parts of the school. The school also has 4 large Performance Studios, one of which is a Black Box Theatre.

dB Acoustics is the market leader in noise control and soundproofing acoustic solutions in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. We have over two decades of experience in acoustics, providing sound solutions for the commercial, education, healthcare, arts and theaters, media and entertainment, infrastructure,marine and specialized engineering sectors.

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